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They do look right and mostly smooth threads
Sloppy fit
These look close, but if you're hoping these will fit your authentic prc stuff, they won't, they were milled wrong, both the base and the top sleeves, so there's lot of sloppy rattle and twisting on these, these are pretty useless. Still, if you aren't too uptight they do have decent threading and fit many boros, but I got 3 of the shifter and 3 quantum whistle, all are junk, the fit on whistle sleeves is better but rough steel threads make them downright harmful to a soft aluminum like a bb or a billet, or most boxes. The two notches inside where the sleeve or 510 drip tip orings sit is so sharp it will cut the orings, all of mine came with least 1 cut oring, the shifter also has too small oring to get a proper seal, so they're really sloppy and loose, and the proper size oring would probably get cut in two immediately because of the sharpness.

some shortcomings on both these styled and the prc authentic make me think they're from same factory and these are seconds, not a styled product, which may have always been the same thing, but some styled products have been really well done, I think this is the end of my road down styled products.
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