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YFTK 510 Central Silicone Refill Bottle (5-Pack)
YFTK 510 Central Silicone Refill Bottle (5-Pack)


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Thick Silicone Bottles and Nicely Machined Stainless-Steel Caps
May Seem Expensive to Some, but Totally Worth the Cost
I received these silicone refill bottles expecting the thin, run-of-the-mill silicone found on many bottles here. I was surprised to find that these bottles are of a THICK grade silicone, usually found only from high-end modmakers. The caps are of nicely machined and finished stainless steel, with smooth, tight, threading. For someone who enjoys temperature protected squonking, these bottles will be a welcome addition when vaping the wick dry, and having 5 flavors on hand to EASILY refill their squonk mod with no mess, or need to remove the bottle from the mod. Quality costs folks, and these are quite reasonably priced for the quality.
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