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Coilology Ni80 MTL Alien Heating Wire (10-Pieces Pack)
Coilology Ni80 MTL Alien Heating Wire (10-Pieces Pack)


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Overall   (4.5)
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Good flavor True alien wrap Good Price
Ohms are actually lower then they list…about .65 not .84 Wish they offered a version with Twisted Messes (TMN80) wire
I use these Coilology MTL Aliens in all my MTL RTA’s. I have tried the Coilology MTL Fused Claptons and these Aliens have slightly better flavor but I would still recommend either. The only con I would give is that they list the Ohms as .84 per coil and I can tell u after using multiple containers of these that they actually ohm out to .65 Ohms consistently not the listed .84 but that’s not a big deal for me honestly…I vape them at around 20 watts u can go higher or lower no problem and they perform great in all my MTL RTA’s….I will say I wish Coilology offered a version of these made with Twisted Messes (TMN80) wire like they do with there dual coil aliens that they also sell but hey u can’t win ‘em all lol.
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