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Overall   (2.5)
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- Good flavour (about the same intensity as dvarw) - Smooth and mostly quiet draw - No leaking (if you turn upside down after filling) - Aesthetically appealing (at least to me)
- DID NOT COME WITH A THIRD PLUS POLE (no 1x1mm) - Both the pre-installed glass and replacement glass are too short (around 1mm gap between it and the AFC ring) - Draw is a little loose for my liking - Flavour could be a little more intense - Airflow ring moves a lot (up and down) - Difficult to move LC and AFC independently of one another
Really love how smooth and quiet the draw is, and the relatively mild yet well-rounded flavour this atty produces. Unfortunately, as a fan of the 1.0mm airflow insert on the dvarw, the smallest positive pole included in the package (2 x 1.2mm) did not cut the mustard for me. Could not taste any machine oil after a clean, the top o-ring was a bit worn but functional, and both included tanks were a bit short but did not leak. All in all I'm disappointed by this product, if the product came as described with 3 positive poles and had the right tank size, I would have no trouble recommending it, but in my eyes these are pretty big cons. Dvarw is much better value, with similar performance, but in a smaller package with myriad airflow options.
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