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Good looking mod Quality machining for the most part Great price
Won't fit some wider batteries Threading on locking ring sometimes gets stuck Switch pin sometimes unscrews on its own during use
I purchased this mod after seeing other good reviews. The Nemesis clone arrived with all parts screwed together. I unscrewed some of the unneeded parts and tested the device with a battery. It worked, so I unscrewed the rest of the parts and cleaned the mod with soapy water and then vodka. Some of the parts were oily and required cleaning. After the mod was dry, I tested it with some batteries. It works fine with AW IMR 18350, Panasonic NCR18650PF, and EH IMR 18650. However, I could not fit EH IMR 18350 into the mod. It appears that some batteries may be too wide for this mod. I used the mod and it is a fantastic vape as noted by other reviewers. It looks really good with a Kayfun or Russian atomizer. Some other problems I found include the switch pin unscrewing during use and the locking ring getting stuck on occasion. Overall, this is a really good mod and worth the money. It's possible that the issues I found may be issues with the real Nemesis as well.
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