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Tesla Invader II Wood Mechanical Box Mod
Tesla Invader II Wood Mechanical Box Mod


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Overall   (4.5)
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Spring loaded 510 Sexy looks Fits well in hand Nice Button Triple Mosfet Carrying case Untreated wood "pantinas" from use making darker and sexyer Strong magnets for door, never had it fall off Price is on poiint!
No battery ribbon (i just slid a piece of string under the batteries when putting them in, works like a charm) Small machining marks on the wood from carving it to shape (hardly noticeable, took me a few days to see it) 510 is slightly crooked, hardly enough to notice (took a few days to notice)
Amazing value for the device youre getting - lasts easily a whole day with a 0.4ohm build and some samsung 25R's. Button isnt clicky, but feels really nice and well made. Batteries fit snug and connect strongly with contacts. All of my attys sit flush with the spring loaded 510 connection. Looks and feels great in my hands. Carrying case is awesome i can fit 2 20ml bottles of juice and my mod in there and nothing falls out. Mod is rather light so its not weighing my pants down when its on my belt loop in the case. All in all i am very satisfied with this purchase and its totally worth the money. Mosfets are a must for these box style devices and this one has three! Havent had a single issue in nearly a month that ive had it. Honestly the only issue that bugs me about it is the lack of a battery ribbon as the batteries sit very snug in the compartment.
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