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KTJ TA218C 3.9
KTJ TA218C 3.9" LED Digital Thermo-hygrometer Thermometer & Hygrometer


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uses 1 common, inexpensive AAA battery accurate it's lasted 3 years & still works long cord for probe simple to operate & program large unit & large, highly visible display
can't be calibrated
****This is absolutely the best thermometer-hygrometer to use with incubators.**** I have 6 small incubators for hatching multiple small groups of chicks & ducklings & I've switched over to this model for all of them , because it's the best of the many I've tried. These units have a nice , extra long cord for the probe. They're generally quite accurate & the readout is large & easy to see.... even across the room, so I can monitor the temperature/humidity whenever I walk by. It uses inexpensive, common AAA batteries which typically last a year in this unit (other thermometers have used smaller & harder to find batteries which needed more frequent replacing.) One of the best things about this model is that it only takes "outdoor" senses temperature/humidity with the **probe only** so it's simpler to program & use than the "indoor/outdoor" models. (The indoor/outdoor models seem needlessly complicated & confusing & two separate sets of readings are unnecessary for incubators.(This is also the model I use to check the temperature/humidity outside my works perfectly for that, too.) The only downside is that it can't be calibrated, but I've found them to be quite accurate so this hasn't been an issue. (If it ever becomes a problem, I'll simply write "+1" or "-1" somewhere on the generously sized front of the unit, as a reminder. But so far, even the 3 year old unit is still accurate.) I just bought a couple of spares, to keep on hand, because a couple of mine are a few years old.
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